Our team

Dušan Swalens and his team are all people with impressively diverse skills.

One common feature they share, though, is their passion for art, cooperation and friendship.

Our gratitude goes to all the volunteers for their occasional assistance, advice, and inspiration. Their contributions are greatly appreciated.



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Author, Photographer

Dušan Swalens (*1974)

He graduated from Zlín Film College, specializing in photography and camera. He has worked for regional television and also as a cameraman for Czech Television. For several years, he was the official photographer of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín, Czech Republic. He is a photographer and editor of the quarterly news bulletin Zpravodaj published by the Czech expatriate association "Beseda" in Belgium (www.beseda.be).  In this association, he organises courses of creative photography for children, youth and adults.
In his creation, Dušan Swalens wants to inspire abstract thinking in a positive way. His macrophotography tries to capture the moment of creation, his camera lens depicts the blending of materials in space and time, documenting the emergence of a new content and its abstract and fanciful form, allowing individual interpretation.
"A macrophotograph cannot be remembered precisely. It awakens our imagination, each day we can see it through different eyes and look for something different. An observer viewing a macrophotograph changes its appearance through the dimension of his mind."
With his approach to a healthy lifestyle, from yoga to the consumption of food grown in an ecologically-friendly manner, Dušan Swalens prompts reflexion on human relations and man's attitude towards nature and the universe.
Macrophotographs by Dušan Swalens have also been used to illustrate a collection of Christmas Season's texts Šťastikování (Czech Republic, 2008) and a publication for children from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region (Italy, 2011).


2013- BIO (nature motifs)

2010 - ELEMENTS (earth, fire, water, air)



2012, Siemens, Prague, Czech Republic

2012, Czech Center, Brussels, Belgium

2011, Hotel Radun, Luhačovice, Czech Republic

2010, Galerie G, Valašské Klobouky, Czech Republic

2006, Czech Center, Brussels, Belgium


Contact: dusan@swalens.eu; www.swalens.eu